Canon Announces new Macro Lens with Built-in Ring Light

Canon unveiled Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 IS with a built in ring light for macro shots and more.


Ring lights. So hot right now.

It seems that Canon has been getting spanked by Sony for some time in pro photo/video lately, so when Oreo showed me this announcement, I thought, “Hm, nice pivot”.

I don’t really see this lens doing too hot though on its own though. I mean it’s EF-M, so you have to have an EOS-M camera, who owns that? But it’s an interesting spin on a macro lens, and I think it will lead to more product announcements. Remember how Samsung just went balls deep into the whole selfie game with the tiny front screen on their point and shoots, then everyone followed with the articulating screens? This will happen with ring lights.


I guarantee that there will be some G7X type camera with an articulating screen for ‘dem selfies with a ring light to replace those 300 dollar diva lights all you instagram models are using. Sony starts grabbing control of the prosumer camera market with the A7RII, Canon wants to make sure your selfies are on fleek. God bless.

Source: Canon Rumors


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